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  How To Make A Purchase On The TTouch SIte

  1. Start by BROWSING our products using the links in the blue box to the right of your page.
  2. When you find a product you are interested in you can click on its title or on the "Details Here" link to read a FULL DESCRIPTION of the product.
  3. When you find a product you want to ORDER click on the "add to cart" link. Your product wil be added to your shopping basket.
  4. If you want to view MORE PRODUCTS click on the "continue shopping" link
  The Shopping Cart
  1. In your shopping cart you can adjust the NUMBER of items you want to order by entering the quantity in the box provided. Click on "update" to recalculate the total amount.
  2. You can REMOVE an item by clicking on the appropriate "remove" button or by changing the quantity to 0 and clicking on "update".
  3. Select whether you want the items to be SHIPPED to you or whether you want to collect them at the TTouch office in Sandton. (Address will be provided when TTouch contacts you)
  4. When you are SATISFIED with your order click on "Place Order".
  5. Items will remain in your shopping cart for 2 days OR will be cleared once you have placed an order.
  1. The NEXT screen will be a login page UNLESS you have logged in already in which case you will proceed directly to CONFIRMATION.
  2. If you are a first time shopper you will need to REGISTER as a shopper first. This entails completing one form which will make your future orders much simpler as all your details will already be on our system. To register simply click on the "Register" or "Register HERE" links on the login page and complete the form that follows. Do not be concerned your shopping basket will remain intact. Once you have completed the form please make note of your password. You will use it with your e-mail address to login in future. Once you have registered you will proceed directly to order CONFIRMATION.
  3. To LOG IN enter your e-mail address and password then click "Login".
  1. This screen will DISPLAY your full order together with all your contact and shipping details.
  2. Should any personal details be INCORRECT use the "click here" link where it says "Are your details correct? If not click here" to correct any information.
  3. If you wish to make CHANGES to your order click on the "shopping cart" link to return to your cart or continue shopping.
  4. When you are SATISFIED with your order click on "Confirm Order"
  5. This action will SEND your order to us and you will be directed to a message confirming that your order was sent. If you receive any error message please contact the TTouch office here.
  6. You can click on "your account" to view DETAILS of all your active orders.
  Your Account
  1. Click on "Your Account" in the shopping area to LOG IN and view your active orders.
  2. It will list your orders and give their STATUS.
  3. Click on the "view detail" link to view all the ITEMS of the relevant order.
  4. Click on "edit details" to edit any of your PERSONAL DETAILS. Remember that if you change your E-MAIL address you will log in with the new address you entered.


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