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  PRACTITIONER: Michelle Sachs

011-786-1268 (w)
082-458 -1302
011-440-1228 (fax)
E-Mail: orb@gonet.co.za
TTouch Qualifications: CA P1

CA: Graduation: Apr 2012     # of Updated Trainings: 0    Last Training: Oct 2011

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I have always loved animals. I grew up in a house filled with every kind of domestic animal imaginable. I was always the one finding and rescuing unwanted kittens and puppies. My dream was to be a dolphin when I grew up. I adore cats and have assisted with many feral cat captures so they could be sterilized and returned to their territories.

I always wanted to work with animals as a vet or marine biologist, but ended up in graphic design instead. Wherever I go I always end up with someone’s cat, dog and even a horse trying to climb into my lap. Once there, they often refuse to move. Over the years I formulated a few of my own “touches” which I found to be beneficial to the animals that I encountered in this way.

In 2000 I happened upon Linda Tellington-Jones’s book on TTouch and suddenly the “touches” I had been doing for years made such sense. It was a wonderful revelation and the motivation I needed to start studying and pursuing a career in the animal field.

In my efforts to learn more, I did Wynter Worsthorne’s Animal Communication courses to learn to effectively communicate with animals in other ways. I offer consultations in this field as part of my multi-dimensional approach to working with animals, which now includes distant communication, behaviour and training as well as Tellington TTouch.

Since 1999 I have been getting my dolphin fix by swimming with these amazing beings in the wild and on their terms in Mozambique. In 2004, as part of my journey to work with animals, I took a sabbatical and spent three months on the island of Bermuda, working with dolphins in human care. I have always wanted to work with dolphins, so this was a dream come true. After which, I dedicated myself to assisting and preserving the wild dolphins in their natural environment. I started Ocean’s Essence, a business that offers holistic experiences including swimming with wild dolphins in Mozambique. We follow a strict “no touch or interference code-of-conduct”. Proceeds go towards the research and protection of the dolphins in the area.

To date I have attained certification in the following:

  • Certificate: Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE) CO4: Dog Behaviour and Training (2009)

  • Certificate of Merit: Canine Culture: Puppy Instructor Course (2010)

  • Certificate: Tellington TTouch Practitioner level 1 (2012)

Qualifying as a Tellington TTouch Practitioner (Level 1) is the realization of one of my life long goals to work with animals. TTouch has given me the tools to work with animals in a gentle, respectful manner that is transformative and non-invasive. For me, this is the perfect fit!   

For more information or to book a consultation, please contact me on 082 458 1302 or e-mail me at: orb@gonet.co.za

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