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  PRACTITIONER: Elsabe Potgieter

0865776293 (fax)
E-Mail: alexpot@xsinet.co.za
TTouch Qualifications: Eq P1

EQ: Graduation: 2012-04-11     # of Updated Trainings: 0    Last Training: 2011-03-28

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 I am probably the first Afrikaans speaking Tteam practitioner in the world!

I live near Meyerton in the Midvaal area on a small holding with five horses, one donkey, two cats, six dogs, one husband and two adult sons.

I grew up riding horses, ran a riding school in Heidelberg a few years ago and learned about Ttouch from a friend. I started with the companion animal course and switched to horses.

I love the work because I can help horses cope with pain, fear and discomfort, and help them and their owners communicate effectively. And its suitable for all ages, from children to old Tannies like myself!

I am Practitioner level 1 and teach the work in my community and among farmers and others in the countryside who wish to school or retrain their horses in a force and pain free way.

I also consult clients on a one-on-one basis and travel when needed, and do volunteer work at the Highveld Horse Care Unit.



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