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  PRACTITIONER: Shayne Treisman

083 562 9807
E-Mail: shaynet@worldonline.co.za
TTouch Qualifications: Eq P1

EQ: Graduation: 2007-03-28     # of Updated Trainings: 6.5    Last Training: 2011-03-28

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Shayne has always had a deep love of horses, ever since she can remember. To this day, her elder brother still teases her that when watching cowboy movies as kids, a hundred cowboys could expire in some way and that was ok, but one horse would slip, and that was that – the tears would flow!

Shayne has always wanted to ride. It started with riding ponies at the Jhb zoo, later, school ponies and eventually, after wearing her parents down, her very own horse. Together with Oliver’s Gold, her cherished first horse (ex-racehorse thoroughbred gelding) they went from scratch through the grades to JA in showjumping. She was fortunate enough to acquire another horse, Assignation (also ex-racehorse thoroughbred gelding) who she also jumped in JA and later in Adults. In his mid-teens, Assignation contracted ecephalosis and was rested for several months. When coming back into work after the illness and then becoming lame, it was discovered that he had developed osteoarthritis.

Searching for a way to alleviate the pain, Shayne tried many remedies, both conventional and alternative. Having heard of TTouch, and hoping it would provide assistance to her arthritic horse, she completed a weekend clinic and was totally hooked – she has never looked back.

In her ‘other life’, Shayne has a Masters Degree and is a qualified Industrial Psychologist. She is also studying towards qualification as a Graphologist (Handwriting Analysis). In her other work, she assists individuals in organisations to find effective ways of relating. She is discovering that TTEAM concepts can be applied to people in organisations too.

Shayne has come to realise that working with horses fulfils a calling. She finds it deeply gratifying to use TTEAM, both in living and working with her own horses, as well as working with other horses and their humans. She is now a qualified TTEAM Practitioner and so enjoys being able to share this amazing work with others.

“TTEAM has provided me with an entirely new perspective on horses. It assists in understanding and searching for the cause of pain, resistance, fear or even little niggles and then provides the tools that can help the horse and owner in overcoming these difficulties, or simply just to ‘go’ better and have fun. TTEAM has opened my eyes to a gentle, mutually respectful way to communicate with horses, both from the ground and in the saddle, for work and everyday interaction, that is not only effective, sympathetic and transformative but just instinctively feels good! The horses seem to love it too!”

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