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  PRACTITIONER: Eugenie Chopin

011 884-3156 (h)
011 884 3156 (w)
011 783 1515 (fax)
E-Mail: eugenie@ttouch.co.za
Web Site: www.ttouch.co.za

TTouch Qualifications:

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Eugénie Chopin is from Louisiana but has lived in and loved South Africa for over 30 years! She started her career as an Opera Singer, winning a major Award at the Metropolitan Opera Auditions while finishing her Masters Degree in Music at Louisiana State University.

After arriving in South Africa, Eugenie acquired a dog at her local SPCA. It soon became clear that Danilo was going to be a problem dog. He terrorized the other animals in the household and started biting people! In looking for help, Eugénie did conventional dog training as well as animal psychology & behaviour modification. This helped up to a point, but did not alleviate the fear that was causing his aggressive behaviour.

In 1995 Eugénie discovered Tellington TTouch and Linda Tellington Jones in the United States. The techniques helped Danilo almost immediately and she ended up graduating as a Practitioner. In 2001 she started the International Practitioner Training Program for both Horses and Companion Animals in south Africa. Today she helps the International Instructor teach the Companion Animals Trainings and runs the Tellington TTouch office in South Africa. She has graduated 60 Practitioners to date for both horses and Companion Animals and details can be found at www.ttouch.co.za

In an effort to expand her knowledge, Eugenie did a 4-week Intensive Clicker course in the States and now also gives Clicker Classes and Learning Theory. She believes that clicker training that uses Positive reinforcement as it’s basis is highly compatible with TTouch and loves using both to solve problems.

Eugenie is now an Instructor for Companion Animals and runs two or three Day Clinics, 6-week Classes and consults privately. She has done several television spots, including 50/50 and South Africa Today, written articles for leading animal magazines and done numerous radio interviews. She has given 3 six day trainings for the SAPS Dog Unit at Roodeplaat and arranged SAP horse trainings as well. She sees daily the amazing results of the Tellington TTouch method.





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