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3- Day Workshops now available as Part of the Practitioner Training Program

We are excited to announce that we are now offering 3-Daqy workshops as part of the Practitioner Training Program.

The first of these are scheduled for Johannesburg. YOu’ll find more details on the workshop page.

Dog: Aug. 31 - Sept. 2

Horse: Sept. 27-29

Webinar with LInda Tellington-Jones

HI Guys, If you missed the webinar with Linda and Robyn on using Lifewave patches for animals and combining it with Ttouch, then you can find it on this URL - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JD5oKSZiOfs&feature=youtu.be

Lifewave Patches Now Available in SA

Exciting New Products now available in South Africa!

For both humans and animals


If you’d like help with any of the following issues please keep reading:


  • Fatigue, lack of energy or stamina

    • Increased stamina also for the athlete

    • Increased energy

  • Pain:both new and chronic

    • Reduce inflammation

  • Agingissues

    • Fine lines & wrinkles

    • Better Health and a boost to the Immune System

    • Detoxing the body from the daily pollutants; even heavy metals

    • Rejuvenate your body and organs

    Stress Reducer

    Weight: Help lose weight & stop cravings

    Sleep – get a good night’s sleep

  • Protection from the radiation of cell phones


And all of this without putting any chemicals into your body!

Yes this is possible and I’d like to share our stories

Dear TTouch Friends,

I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to something new that we are super excited about. Last year Linda Tellington-Jones was here and shared with us some patches she was using on both people and animals for pain relief. They were almost too good to be true in that they relieved the person of pain in a matter of seconds. It seems that they act like acupuncture but without the needles! And I have to say from experience, mostly better!

At that time, I tried to sign up to be a distributor of this product as many TTouch people were interested in acquiring these patches. Unfortunately the product was not yet available in South Africa. In October 2012, Robyn Hood, Linda’s sister came to teach our trainings and also brought patches and we found out that in the meantime, the patches had been approved for distribution in South Africa!

While I have only been using and distributing these patches for a short time, the effects I’ve seen have been phenomenal. I have seen people with chronic back pain go from intense pain to almost none in a matter of minutes. I have seen people go from anxiety to calmness. I have also experienced an upsurge in my own general health. Last year I had a cough that lasted 8 months until I started using the Y-Age patches along with the Energy Enhancers. This cough is now almost non-existent. I feel like I have my life back along with more energy that I’ve experienced in a while.

The company is called Lifewave and you are welcome to go to the website at www.lifewave.com/echopin in order to learn more about these amazing products. Or if you’d like to experience them first hand, come and join us one of our Introductory Meetings. Just send us an email at echopin@ttouch.co.za to ask when & where.

You’ll also find me on Skype at eugenie.chopin in order to have free discussions via the internet for the out-of-towners.


The patches look like a small round Band-Aid and act on the body like acupuncture but without the needles.

How do the patches work if nothing enters the body?

 LifeWave patches are clinically proven to stimulate acupuncture points, ultimately improving the flow of energy in the body. No drugs, stimulants or needles are needed.

TO EXPERIENCE MORE, GO TO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsQl0s2VCM0&list=PLB6E602431BB0CAAF&index=11 – this video was made by PBS, the Public Broadcaster in the USA. It will give you an overall view of the products.

For those of you who would like a taste of what these patches can do, I have added info on  the use for each type of patch below.

Please do contact me if you’d like more information on these products.

Kindest Regards,

Eugenie Chopin

Independent Lifewave Distributor


011 884-3156


    1. Energy       Enhancer  

  i.       increase energy & stamina without stimulants

 ii.      Get focused & sustained energy

iii.      Increase in strength endurance

iv.      Can be Fast results – sometimes within minutes

 v.      Increase in fat burning of more than 20%

vi.      Used by athletes around the world

vii.      Assists the body to move the electrical energy of the body (Chi)

    1. Silent       Nights –       pill free sleep

 i.      Good for overall health in that sleep is crucial to good health

ii.      Natural alternative for improving sleep

iii.      No drugs or pills

iv.      Convenient to use

v.      Great for travel

    1. Y-Age       Patches –       anti-aging and boosting health

 i.      Aeon

  1. Single biggest cause of aging is stress

  2. Aeon reduces stress in the body, which combats the ravages of aging

  3. Found to balance the Autonomic Nervous System

    1. So helps us stay in the parasympathetic

    2. Boosts energy levels

    3. Improves skin condition

    4. Decreases inflammation

      1. Study showed this with infrared – within 10 minutes

      2. Can be combined with Ice Wave for pain

      3. Boosts all other Lifewave patches!

ii.      Glutathione

  1. Called the Master Anti-oxidant

  2. Protects the body from Toxins

  3. Improves overall health

  4. Supports the immune system

  5. Promotes the release of stored toxins

  6. Helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles

    1. In conjunction with Aeon * Carnosine

    2. Our Glutathione levels drop with age

    3. Patches can increase Glutathione in the body by 300% in one day (see research at www.lifewave.com)

    4. Found naturally in every cell in the body & protects from the damage of  free radicals

    5. Many scientists now believe that how long we live is directly proportionate to our Glutathione levels.

    6. Other anti-oxidants, vitamins A, C, and E need Glutathione in order to work.

    7. Glut helps protect the body’s protein structures such as the collagen in our skin.

    8. Also protects arteries & veins

    9. Powerful for detoxing heavy metals from the body

    10. Regulates white cell division rates, thereby maintaining control of the immune response

 iii.      Carnosine

    1. Crucial for aging, fatigue and mental clarity

    2. Natural anti-oxidant in the body

    3. Improves overall health

    4. Improves bioelectrical properties of organs

    5. Helps improve organ function

    6. Helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles

      1. In conjunction with Aeon & Glutathione

      2. Our Carnosine levels drop with age

      3. Improvement in cognitive function

      4. Improved organ function

      5. Protects brain from plaque, one symptom of brain imbalance

      6. Protects DNA better than any other nutrient

      7. Unique ability to turn old cells into young and healthy cells

      8. Known to accelerate wound healing thru repair of connective tissue

      9. Helps to prevent build-up of lactic acid in muscle

        1. So super useful for sportsmen


    1. SP6       Complete Benefits

  i.      Helps control appetite

 ii.      May help to reduce   cravings

iii.      A natural reduction in hunger without drugs or stimulants

iv.      Stomach, spleen & kidneys are associated with appetite.


    1. Icewave       quick & drug-free pain relief

i.      Amazingly quick pain relief!

ii.      Can also help move energy for other patches to have maximum effect.

iii.      Probably the most phenomenal patch yet in proving effectiveness of these patches!


Eugenie Chopin becomes TTouch Instructor

Eugenie Chopin recently became the first ever Tellington TTouch Instructor for Companion Animals in South Africa. The announcement was made by Linda Tellington-Jones at the recent TTouch Celabration in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Promotion comes from years of work, expertise and promotion of the Tellington TTouch work in South Africa. Congratulations Eugenie!

App - TTouch for Horses goes High-Tech - add to your I-Phone


TTouch Goes Hi-Tech

Linda Tellington-Jones announces new
TTouch App for iPhones

Much has
been written about Tellington TTouch® over the past 35 years in magazines and
books, and during that time TTouch has been seen on television programs, in
veterinary universities, and has produced remarkable results in Olympic teams
around the world. TTouch Is a gentle system of bodywork, ground exercises, and
riding techniques that apply to training and behavioral issues with horses of
all levels and disciplines.

Now TTouch
is going high-tech with a new ‘app’ that can be viewed on your iPhone.

“I laughed
when I realized that low-tech TTouch, based on simply using your hands and heart
to influence your horse, is going high-tech!,” says TTouch Founder Linda
Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon). “This is such a great opportunity for people to
have ‘how-to’ TTouch guidelines right in their phones, especially when faced
with a horse emergency. TTouches can be extremely helpful for colic or injury
situations while waiting for your veterinarian to arrive.”

The iPhone
application contains short video clips of various TTouches, accompanied by Linda’s
voice explaining how to perform the TTouches and what benefits that particular
TTouch, slide or lift provides. The text included with this app is extensive,
explaining how much pressure to use, how to apply the TTouch, lift or slide,
and what TTouch is best suited for particular behavioral, posture, physical, or
training issues.

instance, there are TTouches and exercises that help with saddling issues, sore
muscles, spookiness, lengthening of stride, increasing confidence, lowering
pulse and respiration, overcoming resistance, alleviating pain and shock,
releasing tension, reducing stumbling, calming the nervous or frightened horse
— the list is extensive. “As they say in the world of technology,” sparks
Linda, “there’s an app for that!”

TTouch offers help for a myriad of
challenges faced by horse owners, including

• Overcoming
behavioral, training and conformation challenges without force.

• Enhancing
your horse’s trust, cooperation and willingness to learn.

• Building confidence
in horse and rider.

• Increasing
your safety both on the ground and in the saddle.

Sarah Fisher's book "100 Ways to Solve Your Dog's Problems" is a great way to help with all of your dog's problems

“100 Ways to Solve Your Dog’s Problems”

   by Sarah Fisher & Marie Miller

This great book takes you step by step through solving a large variety of Behaviour Problems. It will give you specific TTouch work to do along with good sound behavioural advice. I can’t wait to get my copy!




Topdog trainers Sarah Fisher and Marie Miller present a forward thinking approach to dog training and rehabilitation


  • A unique blend of behaviour-based training combined with the therapeutic effects of Tellington Touch massage and therapy gives owners the power to work successfully and safely with their pet.


  • Step-by-step advice on solving issues with noise sensitivity, pulling, excessive barking, excitability, timidity, fear of the vet, guarding and chewing combine to create this ultimate guide to resolving canine behaviour problems.


  • Case histories demonstrate the effectiveness of the techniques and show how even the most troubled dogs can be given a second chance in a loving home



Books areavailable at the TTouch office as soon as they arrive in the countr. email: info@ttouch.co.za if you want to reserve a copy!

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