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 CAT - Behaviour
 CAT - Health
 DOG - Behaviour
 DOG - Observation & Communication
 DOG- Health
      • Arthritus / HD / Age Related Problems
      • Epilepsy
 HORSE - Behaviour
 HORSE - Health
 PLAYGROUND of Higher Learning
 Use of Equipment
 What is TTouch?

 Body Wraps: From A Sensory Perspective - by Kathy Cascade, PT, Tellington TTouch Instructor
 Body Wraps For Horses - by Lindy Dekker
 Your Site Web Hacked - by ITE
 TTouch Tips - by Kathy Cascade
 TTouch Tips -The TTouch Body Wrap : Good news all the way around - by Barbara Janelle & Eugenie Chopin
 Body Wraps For Dogs - by Eugenie Chopin, 2007-03-07
• CAT - Behaviour
 Behaviour: What Does a Cat Tail Tell You? - by Suzanne Hetts & Daniel Estep
 Tellington Ttouch For Cats - by Eugenie Chopin, 2002-11-01
 Useful Approaches With Cats - by Barbara Janelle & Sue Becker, 2005-02-16
 Confi-Kitten Classes - by Karin Landsberg, 2006-09-09
• CAT - Health
 TTouch Tips: Helping an Older Cat with Arthritis - by Barbara George, 2009-10-22
• DOG - Behaviour
 TTouch Tips: Introducing a new dog to a resident dog - by Claire Grobbelaar
 Danilo: The Dog That Brought TTouch To South Africa - by Eugenie Chopin
 Fireworks Preparation - by Jon Bowen
 Stress And Ttouch - by Claudeen E. Mc Auliffe, M.Ed.
 Tee Time For Tessa - Overcoming Obstacles
 Rescuing a Staffie Running from Fireworks on New Year’s Eve - by Eugenie Chopin
 TTouch Tips - by Ilona
 Taking The Stress Out Of Toenail Trimming - by Debby Potts, 2003-04-14
 Introducing a New Dog to a Resident Dog - by Claire Grobbelaar, 2006-12-11
 Health - by Eugenie Chopin, 2006-12-28
 TTouch Tips - by Eugenie chopin, 2007-01-26
 Shanti Update - by Eugenie Chopin, 2008-08-28
 Shanti Update - by Eugenie Chopin, 2008-10-31
 Your Letters: The Possibilities of TTouch with a Puppy Mill Rescue - by Scotty Valadao, 2009-10-22
 BEHAVIOUR: Things You Do That Annoy Your Pet - by Dr Becker, 2011-07-13
• DOG - Observation & Communication
 The Language Of Peace - by Jodi Frediani
 Calming Signals - by Karin Landsberg, 2006-08-22
• DOG- Health
 Case Study - Curing Paralysis From Disaster - by Niki Elliot
 Tension Patterns In Dogs - Part 1 - by Sarah Fisher
 Tension Patterns In Dogs - Part 2 - by Sarah Fisher
 Health & Behaviour - How Much Chocolate is Too Much?
 Health: What to do About Ticks & Fleas
 Body Balance Helps Illness - by Joanna Banks, 2008-09-11
 Your Letters - by Scotty Valadao, 2009-10-22
 TTouch Tips: GUIDE DOG HELPED AFTER EARTHQUAKE - by Lib Roe, TTouch Practitioner from New Zealand, 2011-07-13
      • Arthritus / HD / Age Related Problems
       TTouch Tips: How to Help An Older Cat with Arthritis - by Barbara George, 2009-10-22
      • Epilepsy
• General
 TTouch Tips: The Benefits Of Touching Your Dog - by Claire Grobbelaar
 Robyn Hood - An Interview
 TTouch Tips - by Linda Tellington Jones
 Odds and Ends: Book & Website of the Month; Interesting Links - by Eugenie Chopin
 TTouch Tips: My new shelter dog is not settling down – why – what do I do? - by Scotty Valadao - Canine Behaviourist - TTouch
 Introducing Linda Tellington-jones
 A Message From Max - by J.D. Ellis
 Liver Bread Recipe For Dogs - by Unknown
 Clicker Tips - Pig In A Pickle - by Doreen Stapelberg
 Crate Training Your Dog Q & A - by from http://www.canismajor.com
 Your Letters
 The History of TTEAM and TTouch: - by Linda Tellington-Jones, 2005-09-03
 TTouch Tips - Listening Hands – The Value Of Tellington TTouch – Part 3 - by Marnie Black, 2006-05-01
 Listening Hands - by Marnie Black, 2006-07-06
 A New Practitioner Reflects on the 3 Year Training - by Nicky Lucka, 2006-10-20
 TTouch Tips - by Linda Tellington-Jones, 2006-12-12
 My Ttouch Experience - My 3 Year Old German Shepard Wags Her Tail For The First Time - by Nickyt Lucka - Practitioner 1 for Companion Animals, 2007-01-23
 Shanti Update - by Eugenie Chopin, 2007-03-10
 Your Letters - by Lindy Dekker, 2007-04-26
 TTouch Tips - by Sue White, 2008-08-28
 TTouch Tips - by Alitha Vorster, 2009-07-03
 Shanti & Friends Update:Observation is Fascinating - by Eugenie Chopin, 2009-10-22
 Eugenie Chopin Becomes The First Ttouch Instructor From South Africa , 2012-12-01
• HORSE - Behaviour
 Teaching Your Horse To Act, Not React - by Linda Tellington-Jones & Robyn Hood
 How Every Day Handling Affects your Horse - by Sarah Fisher & Robyn Hood
 A-tension! - by Sarah Fisher
 Winston, The Bargey Horse - by Lindy Dekker
 Groom’s Course – Swaziland 7 & 8 June 2003 - by Lindy Dekker
 Balancing Act - by Sarah Fisher, 2005-08-17
 Wands – From TTeam Connections - by Robyn Hood, 2005-12-01
 The Power Of Balance - by Edie Jane Eaton, 2007-01-06
• HORSE - Health
 CHIROPRACTIC: What You Need To Know - by Dr. Steven Geldenhuys
 TTouch Tips: DENTAL WORK: TTouch & Essential Oil Tips - by Sandy Rakowitz
 Tteam For Mares And Foals - by Sarah Fisher & Robyn Hood, 2004-06-17
• PLAYGROUND of Higher Learning
 The T- (ender) Touch - by Myrtle Ryan – The Daily News
 AN INTRODUCTION TO TELLINGTON TOUCH - From Daschund Club Magazine - by Pat Sonnenschein
 Streel Jou Troeteldier Gehoorsaam - Rooi Rose Article - by Mariette Snyman
 Inspiring Women in the Horse World from Equine Wellness Magazine - by Bobbie Lieberman, 2006-11-14
 Ttouch Summary - by KATHY CASCADE, 2007-05-01
 Shanti Update - by Eugenie Chopin, 2008-12-16
 Shanti & Friends Update: Harley at 15 Months - by Eugenie Chopin, 2009-05-20
 Shanti & Friends Update: The Cat? - by Eugenie Chopin, 2009-09-20
 Shanti & Friends Update: Observation is Fascinating - by Eugenie Chopin, 2009-10-22
 The Magic Of Mouthwork- - Ttouch, The Final Session Of Practitioner Training - by Scotty Valadao, Practitioner 1 for Companion Animals, 2007-01-10
• Use of Equipment
 Head Halter Preparation - by Eugenie Chopin
 Making Life A Ttouch Easier When Using A Canine Head Halter - by Edie Jane Eaton
 The Balance Leash – One Way To Keep Your Dog From Pulling! - by Eugenie Chopin, 2003-08-22
 TTouch Tips: Uses for the thundershirt , 2012-08-19
• What is TTouch?
 TTouch Tips: What is TTouch? By Kathy Cascade
 TTouch Tips: Doing Belly Lifts – the why and the how
 Tellington Ttouch For The 21st Century - by Eugenie Chopin, 2006-11-13

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