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 House Training
 How to Find the Right Puppy for You!
 When to Start Training Your Puppy

• General
 Puppies: Play as Behaviour Therapy - by Daniel Estep, Ph.D. and Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D.
 Puppies: Preventing Adolescent Problems - by Ian dunbar
 Puppies - ‘Tis the Season to be Merry! By Niki Elliott - by Niki Elliott
 Puppies - The Key to Kibble – Training from the couch! - by Ian Dunbar
 Puppies: Teaching Bite Inhibition by Niki Elliott - by Niki Elliott
 Puppies: Getting to grips with the collar and leash - by Scotty Valadao
 Puppies: How Much Will That Doggie Really Cost?
 Puppies: Time Alone - Setting your puppy up for success - by Laura-Jade Durrheim
 Puppies - by Dr Ian Dunbar
 Puppies - by 2008 AVSAB American Veterinary Society of Ani
 Crate Training Your Puppy - by Niki Elliot
 Puppies: Developmental Periods - by Niki Elliot
 Optimal Health Through Smart Nutrition - by Niki Elliot
 Puppies Are Wonderful - by Niki Elliot
 The Importance Of Socialization - by Niki Elliot
 Vaccines Vs. Socialization: A Confusing Debate? - by Sophia Yin
 Keeping Cool In The Summer Heat - by Niki Elliot, 2006-02-01
 Identification for Your Pet - by Niki Elliott, 2006-07-15
 Puppies - by Niki Elliott, 2007-03-10
 Puppies - by Niki Elliott, 2007-04-28
 Puppies - Teaching your Puppy to - by Niki Elliott, 2009-05-20
• House Training
 House Training Your Puppy - by Niki Elliot
 Puppies: Errorless Chewtoy Training - by Ian Dunbar
• How to Find the Right Puppy for You!
 The Joys Of A New Pet - by Nikki Elliot
 Puppies - by Karin Landsberg
• Mouthing
 Puppies: Teaching Bite Inhibition - by Niki Elliot
• When to Start Training Your Puppy
 Puppies: PRE-EMPTIVE POWER FOR PUPS! - by Karen Wild, 2011-05-26

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