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 ARTICLES > TTouch > The Magic Of Mouthwork- - Ttouch, The Final Session Of Practitioner Training
  TTouch  Article:
Article By: Scotty Valadao, Practitioner 1 for Companion Animals        Publish Date: 2007-01-10

What an amazing six days! Some of us got our Practitioner Level One Certificate, others got their PiT Certificates and once again we got to work with Linda. Just by watching Linda work on an animal, we are reminded what TTouch is all about. It’s not just the technical side - the Touches, Slides, Lifts, Equipment and Groundwork. It is about putting your heart in your hand when you work and recognising the perfection of the animal being worked on.  There is no judgement, there are no expectations – your connection with the animal is total, and from this connection comes the trust, and from the trust come the changes. What amazing work this is that we are able to do and what amazing teachers we have to learn from, not just our instructors, but the animals themselves!


This session was especially meaningful to me as, Brady, my gorgeous 28 month old, full of beans Border Collie was part of the session. Several months ago Brady was bitten twice, once on the bridge of his nose and again on his inside hind leg. His personality (understandably) changed.  He reverted to insecure behaviour and became a ‘velcro’ dog and was nervous when meeting new dogs. I worked on him myself but it was only at this last session that I realized how much damage had actually been done. On meeting a tent full of new people and dogs, instead of doing what he would have in the past, investigating both people and dogs and being friendly, he reverted to his old puppy insecurity – bouncing up and down like a pogo stick and acting like a clown. As one of our clients described her own dog “he was like an octopus on acid”!  Linda soon had her hands on him and the magic began. He was starting to relax and Linda was doing mouth work, which he enjoys. She suddenly changed the position of her hand and cupped her hand over the bridge of his nose, very like a bitch would do to her puppy to reprimand it, with 4 fingers on one side and her thumb on the other. He instantly stiffened and tried to get away.  Instead of giving him the normal break I thought was coming, Linda persevered. She contained him with a hand on his collar, under his chin, and kept on working. After a few minutes the change was unbelievable. His whole body suddenly relaxed, almost slumped and he became still and relaxed and let Linda work. For Brady, this was the turning point and he improved steadily over the next few days, even letting other practitioners work on him and do the same mouth work that Linda had demonstrated. I still have further work to do with him to get him back to his old self, but with patience and the miracle of TTouch, I have no doubt that it will happen.


I must say that at the end of the session I felt a sense of sadness – we had become so much of a family – the TTouch family - and now that I had received my Level One certificate, a very important chapter of my life was ending.  But as they say, with endings come new beginnings, and my dream of teaching this wonderful work to people was no longer a distant dream, it IS a reality!


To Zeus who led me to TTouch, and all the wonderful teachers, friend and animals who have been a part of the last three year, a heartfelt thank you!!

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